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Diversifying - good or bad ... ?

Are you seen as a jack of all trades?

So, I asked myself this question. I had a need to expand my business area, to ensure that I had enough gainful employment. Having spent many years in aviation, and more lately road haulage, I figured that all of that knowledge and expertise could be the answer.

Operating as a VA has it's own rewards, e.g. wearing your pyjamas in the office :o) but at times it is tough going to find the right kind of work at the right price. Whilst my experience lends itself to project management type work, I am not averse to simple tasks like data entry, audio and copy typing. The diversity of the workload is what keeps it interesting ... right?

Anyway, I had a think how my previous roles could be exploited to expand into other areas. I decided that working on aviation operations manuals is definitely a niche skill. Having been intimate with the things in my last aviation company, and knowing the heartache involved when it all goes wrong, I am now offering my services. Formatting is definitely key; good knowledge of the acronyms and jargon is also a must, in order to challenge content where needed. It is totally suited to virtual work anyway; interruptions are not welcome while you are working on these gargantuan beasts.

I also decided to offer External Transport Manager services. Might as well get some use out of that International CPC qualification. Working for small companies tends to involve only a few hours per week, which leaves plenty of time for the other work. I already have two clients in this niche, amounting to around 25 hours per month.

So, the question is ... am I a jack of all trades and master of none? Only time will tell, I guess.

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